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Beiyuan Solar Air-conditioning Demonstration Project

Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

BEIYUAN SOLAR AIR-CONDITIONING is a demonstration project for providing electricity, air-conditioning, space heating and hot water. The project had been planned and realized by Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute (BSERI). The solar combined system is installed at No.10 Dayangfang in Chaoyang District on top of the Sunda office building. It mainly includes 100KW solar photovoltaic and 360KW solar air- conditioning systems. The system is generating sufficient energy to provide our offices with electricity, air-conditioning, space heating and hot water. In recent years the institute focused on research in solar absorption air- conditioning with solar collectors and an absorption chiller as its main components since the technology of using solar energy for space heating and hot water is quite mature. The location in Beijing features temperatures between the highest 38°C in summer and the lowest -15°C in winter. The annual solar irradiation is 5200-6000MJ/m² per year.


The project has a total construction area of more than 2,600 3,000 m² with about 3,400 heat pipe vacuum tubes and a daily capacity of providing 50t of hot water of around 60 °C . The collectors have a total absorber gross area of 850 m² , a working temperature of 80 -95 °C and an efficiency of more than 40%. The system includes solar collector, LiBr absorption chiller, hot water tank, cool chilled water tank, hot water heat exchanger, cycle circulating pump, cooling tower, fan coils and winded tube , assistant auxiliary electric boiler and the project of auto-controlling. The system basically consists of a heat collecting heat and storing heat system, a heating cycle circulation system , and a refrigeration and air-conditioning cooling circulation system and controlling system . In the heat collecting heat and storing heat system , the water flows from the hot water tank to the collectors, where it is heated. When the heating process is completed the hot water returns to the hot water tank. The heating cycle circulation system pumps the hot water from the hot water tank to the fans and winded tubes in the different premises chiller. The water flows back to the hot water tank after releasing the heat in the fans and winded tubes chiller. In the refrigeration and air-conditioning cycle cooling circulation system, hot water from the hot water tank is used as heat source to operate the chiller. The chiller cools down the water from the cool chilled water tank to around 8 °C . Afterwards the water is channeled to the fan coils s and winded tubes of the different rooms.

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