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Besides ensuring highest quality standards with our products, Sunda is also trying to provide its customers with service excellence. On an on-going basis, Sunda is trying to improve its services, tailoring them to our customer's needs. This particularly involves providing pre- and after-sales support and assistance. Besides giving our customers all significant information concerning our products to convince them of their outstanding quality and efficiency, Sunda is emphasizing the positive impact of an investment in solar technology on the environment. The problem of environmental pollution, global warming and its strong link to fossil fuels is commonly known. Sunda would like to help its customers, and the society as a whole, to acknowledge the importance of achieving independence from fossil fuels. Sunda's goal is to convince its customers that protecting the environment and at the same time reaping remarkable personal benefits, can be consistent. This combination can be found in the utilization of Sunda products. Since an accurate installation is key to fully benefit from the performance of Sunda collectors, Sunda is providing assistance and support with the planning and the installation of its collectors and other systems like water heaters. Sunda is highly committed to its efforts to win new customers and to establish long-term partnerships with existing and new customers alike. Therefore, Sunda is focussing on continually improving its technological know-how and on demonstrating the high quality of its products.

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