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From March 7 to 10, 2019, Mr. Wang Jianwei, the president of China National Huachen Energy Holding Group(SUNDA's Group Corp.) and Ms. Li Wei, the president of Beijing Sunda Solar were invited to visit Malta to attend the business negotiation conference for Malta tops Europe’s economic growth projections by the President of the Republic of Malt.

President Wang and President H.E. Marie Louise Coleridge Preca of Malta took photos at the signing ceremony of the government.


President Wang introduce the successful experience of China Energy Huachen Group and its cooperation with Cuba in detail to the President of Malta, the Chairman of the African Union and the Chairman of the African Credit Insurance Company on the round table.

President Wang and Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Malta


Malta's richest man (owner of airport, national communications, etc.) agreed with General Wang that he would discuss in detail the comprehensive cooperation with China National Huachen Energy Holding Group during his visit to China in May.

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